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Art Classes in Miami

Discover the perfect creative haven for your kids and teens right here in Miami! Our year-round art classes are designed to boost their artistic skills and assist in portfolio development. Plus, parents, you can rest easy knowing your children are in a safe, fun environment where their imaginations can flourish.

Holistic approach

Build a strong artistic foundation through our year-round art classes in Miami.

Passionate teachers

Our instructors are passionate about nurturing young artists and igniting their love for creativity.

Hands-On Learning

Learning becomes an adventure with interactive, hands-on experiences.

Portfolio Development

We offer several art courses throughout the year, geared towards inspiring students to explore their creativity, as they build and develop their artistic skills in a safe studio environment.

We specialize in Portfolio Preparation classes and workshops for students who are interested in applying and auditioning for MDCPS-Visual Art Magnet Programs, as well as Advanced Placement (AP), and college admissions.

Summer Art Programs

Artistic Abilities

Discover and boost your unique creativity this summer.

Class Types

Options for all levels, from beginners to portfolio builders.

Creative Learning

Dive into imaginative art experiences for summer growth.

Portfolio Preparation Classes

This mixed media class is for the more advanced student, and those who will apply and audition for MDCPS-Art Magnet programs, alternative schools, colleges and universities. Students will prepare a portfolio of their best pieces of artwork, which will represent a broad spectrum of media that they have had the opportunity to work with.

Creative Expressions

This class encourages students to unleash their imaginative potential through a variety of artistic mediums, allowing them to communicate their unique perspectives and emotions.

Artistic Portfolio Building

Focused on preparing students for future academic endeavors, this class guides participants in curating a comprehensive portfolio that highlights their growth, skills, and versatility as artists.

Diverse Art Forms

Through the exploration of various art forms, this class empowers students to embrace a wide range of techniques, styles, and mediums, fostering a rich and adaptable artistic foundation.

Art Class Schedule

We offer art classes throughout the school year which also includes our summer classes. Take a look at our class schedule for more information on age groups and types of classes offered. From beginners art to more advanced drawing, sculpting and painting.

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