Summer Art Programs


Summer Art Programs in Miami-Dade

The Learning Tree also offers specialty workshops, and a summer art programs in Miami-Dade County features the Complete Painting Workshop: Portfolio Series.

Celebrate Youth Arts Annual Art Festival

Art Workshops

A series of 1-day workshops where students will create a finished piece of artwork, learning intermediate to advanced skills in a specific media. Each workshop will begin with a 60-90 minute demonstration, followed by a 30-45 minute skills drill, with the remainder of the day dedicated to completing a portfolio-quality artwork project.

Types of Summer Art Classes

Our offerings span drawing, painting, collages, arts and crafts, as well as multi-media projects designed to enhance artistic skills. 


Discover a world of artistic possibilities with our exciting range of summer art classes. From unleashing the power of imagination through drawing and painting to the thrill of crafting collages and engaging in arts and crafts, we’ve got it all covered. But that’s not all – our multi-media projects are like a treasure trove of creativity, specifically designed to boost your child’s artistic skills. Whether they’re a budding Picasso or just dipping their toes into the colorful world of art, our classes provide a vibrant canvas for them to express themselves and nurture their talents. So why wait? Join us for a summer filled with creativity, exploration, and unforgettable memories!

Multi-Media Art

Engage in a multitude of enjoyable projects, exploring a vivid spectrum of colors, textures, and creative possibilities.

Drawing Techniques

Elevate painting skills and delve into the captivating realms of cartooning and illustration, discovering varied dimensions of artistic expression.

Print Making

Embark on a printmaking journey through linoleum block carving, where timeless techniques merge with modern methods, allowing you to create multiple prints of your original designs, resulting in truly distinctive effects unmatched by any other medium.

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