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    Miami Dade Art Classes Offered For All Ages

    The art programs at The Learning Tree of Arts are based on the Elements & Principles of Art, focused on the development of drawing and painting techniques, while exploring the wide array of art materials available today.


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    Classes Offered

    The Learning Tree of Arts offers art classes for students, ages 4 and up, as well as, Portfolio Preparation for students who will apply for MDCPS-Visual Art Magnet programs (elementary, middle, and high school levels), and/or alternative art schools, colleges and universities.

    View our art classes below.

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    Beginning Art

    Ages 4 to 6

     Multi-Media Art Drawing

     Painting Collage

     Glues Glitter

     And More!

    Artists will be introduced to an array of fun projects, working with a variety of creative materials.

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    Drawing & Painting
    Ages 7 +

     Art Techniques


     Conte Charcoal

     Pencil Paints

     Pastels Learn Techniques

    Build drawing and painting skills, experimenting with different types of drawing materials, as well as, paints such as tempera, acrylic, gouache, and watercolor.


    art mixed media

    Mixed Media Art

    Ages 7 +

     Exploring Art





     Print Making

    This multi-media program offers students an opportunity to work with a variety of art materials while developing their artistic skills.


    Fiber Art

    Ages 8+








    Discover the rich and varied world of fiber arts. Students will learn to sew, knit, weave, and just have fun with a number of creative fiber art materials.

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    Draw. Paint. Sculpt

    Ages 7 +

     Art Experimenting Drawing

     Painting Sculpting

     Paper Paper Mache

     Wood Wire


    Students will learn to create three-dimensional sculptures.

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    Advanced Classes


     Improving Art

     Advanced Drawing


     Developed Painting

     Techniques with Water Colors

     Gouache Acrylic and OilsLearn to work with different media, which may include: pencil, pen, pastels, conte, charcoal, and more …

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